Vote your conscience, not a party.

Straight-party voting, or straight-ticket voting, is for lazy voters.  To be able to make one mark on the ballot to select all the candidates that one political party has on that whole ballot is enabling simple party loyalty rather than critical thinking about the issues at hand.

Chief Justice Judith Nakamura of the New Mexico Supreme Court invalidated Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver’s reinstatement of straight-party voting yesterday saying that that kind of decision on behalf of the voters should be left to the Legislature.  Blair Dunn, a Libertarian Party candidate for the NM Attorney General office this year filed the initial petition with the NM Supreme Court challenging Secretary Oliver’s decision. Gavin Clarkson, a Republican candidate for the NM Sec. of State office this year, filed an amicus brief with the Court on the behalf of 20 Republican legislators in support of Dunn’s petition.  It seems Republicans and Libertarians are united against the Democrats on straight-party voting options on ballots.